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The First Virtual Market Center in the Metaverse

We create amazing, immersive, interactive, 360° 3D virtual spaces for you

So you can market and sell physical projects and products on a new level

Welcome to the future of sales and marketing


Show your products and projects like never before 24 x 7 x 365


Engage your customers and stakeholders


Learn more about your customers
interests, wants, and needs


Enhance customer relationships;
excite all stakeholders


Sell more, faster; optionally,
use NFTs and crypto


 Slash costs and increase ROI with an
incredibly small investment

Virtual Showrooms

Our one-of-a-kind creative team produces the world’s most advanced virtual showrooms
An exact replica of a physical showroom or an entirely imagined design

Handcrafted for You

Create full collections or multiple niche showrooms. 1CD allows you to showcase your products in any setting and with the highest quality.


You’re not limited by physical constraints. Your virtual showrooms can be whatever you can imagine.

Virtual Real Estate

Our one-of-a-kind creative team produces the world’s most advanced virtual real estate

An exact replica of real estate planned and specified but not yet built

See the Future

Help investors and customers to see the future with amazing, immersive, interactive experiences.


Show them the local environment, building elevation and features, community services, and units. Let them choose building finishes, fixtures, and furnishings.


The most powerful sales tool ever for architects, real estate developers, and sales agents.


We build the world’s most advanced virtual spaces. They are 100% virtual.
We do not make dumb copies of physical objects sucked up with a 3D camera, warts and all.
We handcraft masterpieces at the highest resolution with incredible detail and with built-in intelligence.

The applications are endless. If you need a virtual space, talk to us first.

Transform Your Business

Eradicate the costs, complexity, limitations, headaches, and demands on your time that you had when you were maintaining physical spaces

Eliminate the costs and time wasted traveling to fixed venues

Satisfy the 75% of B2B decisionmakers who say they prefer self-serve, online, and remote options for business, along with video conferencing

Have the most beautiful, spacious, pristine, fully stocked showrooms

Have your showrooms open 24 x 7 x 365 and accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Have virtual assistants, who appear convincingly real, always ready to greet and inform

Have incredible control over access and actions by visitors

Have a unique, unhurried, uninterrupted venue for sales

Have 1CD Matchmaker automatically link customers with the most appropriate salesperson

Boost customer engagement, sales, and the satisfaction of all stake holders

Have an incredible, new, low-cost venue for training sales reps

Have extensive customer data and metrics


An immersive, interactive environment where the customer can learn, interact, and choose

A pristine, relaxed, space for for showing and selling

Extensive opportunities for communication and collaboration

Extensive analytics to help you understand and measure sales performance and customer interests

Instant access to social media so visitors can easily promote your products

Boost sales with
amazing augmented experiences

Customers can:

Easily learn about your projects and products by viewing the virtual representation

Enter, meet, and walk around live, with 1 click

Receive advice from virtual assistants

Speak and meet with real people

Switch finishes, textures, colors, etc

Express interest

Make reservations or transact on the spot

and do much more…

Virtual spaces enhance customer engagement

1CD (9)

Claim your space in the Metaverse

Let us handcraft one of the world’s most advanced virtual spaces especially for you

We take care of production, design, staging, tagging, hosting, analytics, matchmaking, etc

You can start marketing and selling instantly, as soon as we deliver your virtual masterpiece